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Hi, I’m Liz Davids! Our education system is the foundation of our economy, society, and the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic.  In Nebraska, education holds the key to our children’s dreams and the prosperity of our great state. It has the power to pave the way for our families and students to realize their visions and uphold their dignity.

As a proud Husker alumna with a degree and awards in Piano Performance, I wholeheartedly believe in the value of the arts in our education systems and the crucial role of high academic standards in promoting excellence in our society.

But it's not just about my academic background; I'm a dedicated mom who has personally homeschooled all five of our incredible children. I know what it's like to be deeply involved in learning at every age, and I am resolute in my belief that every child is unique and deserving of an education that reflects his or her individuality. As the mother of a neurodivergent child, I've experienced the importance of a parent's role in advocating for their children. Nobody understands our kids like we do.

During the pandemic, I saw a pressing need for parents who work outside the home to have support in their children's education. That's why I opened a micro school, a venture that provided invaluable insights into the diverse needs of every learner and highlighted the importance of adaptability.

And my commitment goes beyond my own family. I'm a dedicated weekly volunteer at our local elementary school, where I've organized fundraisers for teacher supplies and led school ground cleanups. I've also been at the forefront of open forums that address critical education issues. In 2021, I founded "Empower Nebraska," an organization dedicated to civic education and community service.

I firmly believe that the primary role of State Board leadership is to support our students and teachers, prioritizing them and ensuring that curriculum is transparent and educational systems remain accountable to the public.

In a time when the Lincoln metropolitan area is welcoming many refugees, each bringing different perspectives, history, and ideas, I see these contributions as vital to the tapestry of learning. I'm an intentional listener and a creative problem solver with an unwavering advocacy for transparency. I will continue to foster genuine conversations about enhancing student achievement, engaging parents in collaborative approaches, facilitating the needs of our teachers, and promoting responsible stewardship of taxpayer funding.

As your representative on the Nebraska State Board of Education, I will place Nebraska families and students at the forefront of decision-making, help educate parents, state, and local leaders about the importance of expanding educational opportunities and pathways, advocate for policies that bring tangible reforms to our education system, and work towards achieving greater outcomes for the future of Nebraska.

My commitment is to promote a public education system that educates and uplifts the next generation of Nebraskans where they can thrive, where dreams are nurtured, and our local communities prosper.  Together, let's elevate education and make it work for every student, family, and community.

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