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​Liz Davids is proudly endorsed by a growing list of individuals:

  • Joe Kelly, Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska

  • Mike Foley, State Auditor of Nebraska

  • Senator Beau Ballard, District 21

  • Senator Carolyn Bosn, District 25

  • Senator Loren Lippincott, District 34

  • Senator Dave Murman, Education Committee Chair, District 38

  • Senator Lou Ann Linehan, District 39

  • Senator Rita Sanders, District 45

  • Senator Steve Erdman, District 47

  • Pat Condon, County Attorney, Lancaster County

  • Terry Wagner, County Sheriff, Lancaster County

  • Ben Houchin, Chief Deputy Sheriff, Lancaster County

  • Matt Schulte, Commissioner, Lancaster County

  • Pam Dingman, Engineer, Lancaster County

  • Tom Duden, City Councilman, Lincoln

  • Hon. Suzanne Geist, Former State Senator

  • Roy Christensen, Former City Councilman, Lincoln

  • Stan Parker, Former Lincoln Mayoral Candidate



  • Nebraska Republican Party
  • Nebraskans For Founders Values
  • Nebraska Taxpayers For Freedom

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