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Nebraska’s students have incredible potential and our academic standards and policies should reflect that. Our teachers deserve clear, competent guidance so our students can have more focused and quality instruction time. Our curricula and in-class resource choices should be based on the best scientific research, especially when it comes to literacy for our youngest students' foundations in reading, writing, and arithmetic.



Parents are their child's first and lifelong teacher and their authority should be of primary importance. Parents should always know that their partnership with teachers will enhance their child's educational experience and not contradict their home life and beliefs. Schools working with local community resources make amazing opportunities possible for students, businesses, and organizations alike. We need strong collaborative bonds that further our students’ success and keep our communities flourishing.



Nothing could be more important than good communication from the school systems to parents in all areas: mental health issues, struggles with academics, details of curriculum choices, required reading content, the choice of community resources that are brought in to enhance the schools’ courses, etc. Parents should feel confident that they know what is going on in their children's schools at all times.



Teachers are currently burdened by some unrealistic expectations and often feel unappreciated. We want our Nebraska teachers to be of the highest caliber, to feel our appreciation through excellent compensation packages and attractive benefits, and to continue their professional development in the most pragmatic ways possible. 



Taxpayers deserve to know that their public school systems are using our hard-earned tax dollars in the most efficient and accountable ways possible. Nebraskans should be confident that their school systems are operating under the kinds of policies that make private businesses competitive and successful.



The changing work landscape due to technology and automation calls for better education opportunities. Nebraska needs to offer more high-quality computer science and STEM programs for all Nebraska students. To prepare the next generation for the future workforce, we must also support vocational education. Destigmatizing vocational education and expanding high-quality programs in every high school can create various pathways to success and upward mobility for all Nebraska students. It's not just about traditional trades; it's about expanding opportunities in various industries. Additionally, prioritizing funding for Career and Technical Education can boost youth employment and make higher education more accessible.


Nebraskan students should have a thorough knowledge of the US Constitution, appreciate its value, and be able to defend its meaning and purpose. Nebraska Revised Statute 79-724 states, "It is the responsibility of society to ensure that youth are given the opportunity to become competent, responsible, patriotic, and civil citizens to ensure a strong, stable, just, and prosperous America. Such a citizenry necessitates that every member thereof be knowledgeable of our nation's history, government, geography, and economic system. The youth in our state should be committed to the ideals and values of our country's democracy and the constitutional republic established by the people." Our schools should adhere to these important necessities.

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