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Elevating Education.
Empowering Communities.


“I'm Liz Davids, an advocate for Nebraska's next generation. I'm committed to enhancing academic standards to enrich the incredible potential of Nebraska’s students and to foster excellence in our local communities. As a devoted mother and educator, I've learned that nobody understands our children better than their parents. By prioritizing our students' well-being, ensuring high-quality education, and creating opportunities that cater to the unique needs of every student, we can achieve greater outcomes for our children and for the future of our beloved Nebraska."

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Nebraska needs an authentic leader.


“We need a bold voice on the State Board of Education that isn’t shy about stressing the pivotal role parents play in their child’s education – one that will promote partnerships between parents, teachers, and community stakeholders creating strong collaborative bonds that enrich the educational experience and benefit our local communities. I’m dedicated to restoring our state’s public education to its authentic purpose: nurturing and educating the next generation of Nebraskans, developing their dreams, and in, turn, promoting our state’s prosperity."




Liz is a wife, mother, and educator. A graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a background in piano performance, she brings a wealth of experience and a fresh, commonsense approach to the pressing issues affecting our schools.

Her devotion to education goes beyond her role as a mother; she is the founder of a non-profit organization committed to civic education and school philanthropy. Homeschooling her eldest neurodivergent child – a graduate of LPS’s Career Academy program with Southeast Community College – provided her with valuable insights into the nuances of education and the importance of adapting to meet the diverse needs of our children.

In the face of growing concerns among parents, teachers, and staff regarding the state of education, Liz Davids emerges as a passionate advocate for positive change. Her emphasis on having genuine conversations regarding academic achievement, parental involvement, and educational transparency sets her apart as a candidate who truly understands the needs of our communities. Liz will fight to support our students and teachers, advocate for fiscal responsibility redirecting public funding toward essential priorities, and never waiver her commitment to the ideals and values of our republic's representative democracy.

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