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Sen. Loren Lippincott Endorses Liz Davids for State Board of Education in District 1

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska State Senator Loren Lippincott proudly endorses Liz Davids for the State Board of Education, citing her incredible work ethic, financial accountability, and commitment to transparency. As a leader of multiple non-profits, Davids' demonstrated humility, openness to feedback, and wealth of knowledge about the state's educational needs make her Senator Lippincott's preferred choice to represent District 1.

Senator Loren Lippincott highlighted Liz Davids' exceptional work ethic, emphasizing her dedication as a wife, mother, and community service leader. He commended her commitment to financial accountability and transparency at every level, traits he considers essential for effective representation.

"As a leader of multiple non-profits over the years, she takes financial accountability seriously and believes in transparency at every level. She's humble and willing to listen to supporters and critics alike, always with grace and gratitude. She will bring a wealth of knowledge obtained from years of learning about our state's educational needs. Liz has my wholehearted endorsement! She's capable, honest, and trustworthy! She is the smart vote to represent District 1 on the State Board of Education," stated Senator Loren Lippincott.

In response to the endorsement, Liz Davids expressed gratitude for Senator Lippincott's support and reaffirmed her commitment to being a capable, honest, and trustworthy representative for District 1 on the State Board of Education.

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Loren Lippincott, a leader who recognizes the importance of financial accountability and transparency in educational leadership. I am committed to being an effective and commonsense voice for District 1 on the State Board of Education," commented Liz Davids.

The endorsement by Nebraska State Senator Loren Lippincott underscores Liz Davids' qualifications and values, solidifying her position as a trusted candidate for the State Board of Education.

For more information about Liz Davids' campaign, visit

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