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Liz Davids Files for Nebraska State Board of Education Candidacy in District 1

LINCOLN, NE – Liz Davids, an accomplished educator and nonprofit executive committed to civic education and school philanthropy, has officially filed her candidacy for the Nebraska State Board of Education, representing District 1. With a wealth of experience, she brings a fresh, commonsense approach to critical issues in our educational system.

Davids, holding a Bachelor's degree with multiple awards in Piano Performance from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, stands out as an advocate for the arts and high academic standards.

Driven by a passion for civic education and community service, Davids seeks to enact positive change and raise academic standards in Nebraska. Setting herself apart, she emphasizes genuine conversations on academic achievement, parental involvement, and educational transparency, understanding the unique needs of our communities.

Liz's campaign focuses on supporting students and teachers, advocating for fiscal responsibility, and prioritizing public funding in essential areas. Unwavering in her dedication to the ideals of representative democracy, she prioritizes Nebraska families and students, fostering educational awareness among parents and leaders. Advocating for tangible changes, Liz strives for better outcomes in Nebraska's education system.

"I am thrilled to embark on this journey to promote a public education system that nurtures the next generation of Nebraskans, where dreams flourish, and local communities prosper," said Davids. "By prioritizing our students' well-being, ensuring high-quality education, and creating opportunities that cater to the unique needs of every student, we can achieve greater outcomes for our children and for the future of our beloved Nebraska."

Liz and her husband, Cody, reside in Lincoln, Nebraska, and are proud parents of five children - Titus (10), Anna (12), Andrew (15), Lydia (17), and Isaac (20).

For more information about Liz Davids' campaign, visit

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