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Liz Davids Campaign Raises Concerns Over Restricted Access to Website

LINCOLN, NE – May 6, 2024 – The Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education campaign has uncovered disparities in website access within Lincoln Public Schools (LPS), raising serious concerns about fairness and integrity.


Multiple whistleblowers within LPS have revealed that while students and staff are barred from accessing Liz Davids’ campaign website,, they enjoy unrestricted access to the website of Davids’ opponent. This discriminatory action by LPS undermines the principles of fairness and equal opportunity.


When attempting to visit Davids’ website, users receive a notification stating that access is restricted by the district’s internet filter policy.


Expressing profound concern, Liz Davids, candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education District 1, stated, "It is deeply troubling that LPS is restricting student and staff access to my website while allowing free access to my opponent's. Equal access to information is fundamental to our democracy, and every student and staff member deserves the right to make informed decisions about candidates."


The Davids campaign urges Lincoln Public Schools to review its internet policies to ensure fairness and transparency in access to political information. Any attempt to censor or restrict access to political websites undermines the democratic process and must be rectified promptly.


The Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education campaign reaffirms its commitment to transparency and equal access to information for all. We call on LPS to rectify this unjust situation without delay, ensuring that students and staff have the opportunity to explore all political candidates' websites freely and without bias.


About Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education:

Liz Davids is a dedicated educator and staunch advocate for quality education in Nebraska. With two decades of experience in the field, Liz is committed to ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the modern world. As a future member of the Nebraska State Board of Education, Liz will work tirelessly to advocate for students, teachers, and families across the state. Visit to learn more about Liz's platform and vision for education in Nebraska.

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