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Liz Davids Campaign Continues Advocacy for Fair Access to Political Information in Public Schools

LINCOLN, NE – May 7, 2024 – Following recent revelations regarding disparities in website access within Lincoln Public Schools (LPS), the Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education campaign continues its advocacy for fair access to political information in public schools.


Recent findings have revealed an inconsistent and concerning process where every political campaign must rely on a public school employee to manually submit their website URL for review by a systems administrator for unblocking on the district's assigned computer. This cumbersome process highlights the need for attentive action to ensure that political information is accessible to all staff and students without unnecessary or biased barriers.


"As a candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education, I believe in the fundamental importance of free speech and access to information. It is concerning to learn that Lincoln Public Schools blocked access to my campaign website, especially considering the critical role that education plays in fostering informed citizenship," remarked Liz Davids, candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education District 1.


"While I understand the need for schools to have internet content filtering policies in place, the blocking of political websites without transparency or clear criteria raises questions about the integrity of the process. It is essential that educational institutions prioritize openness and allow students and staff access to a diverse range of viewpoints and information," Davids added.


The Davids campaign calls on school districts to review their internet policies and implement streamlined procedures for unblocking political websites. Every student and staff member deserves equal access to making informed opinions, and relying on manual intervention creates unnecessary delays and barriers to accessing essential resources.


The Davids campaign acknowledges the efforts made by LPS to address the whistleblowers’ initial reports and hopes that equitable access to all candidates’ websites will be ensured going forward.


The Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education campaign remains committed to advocating for fairness and equal access to information for all students and staff. The campaign urges school districts to prioritize transparency and efficiency in their internet policies to ensure that students have access to a diverse range of political perspectives.

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