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Lincoln City Councilman Tom Duden Endorses Liz Davids for Nebraska State Board of Education

LINCOLN, NE – Lincoln City Councilmember Tom Duden proudly announces his endorsement of Liz Davids for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Duden, a retired member of law enforcement and respected leader in the community, believes that Davids' commitment to family, education, and community uniquely qualifies her to serve on the State Board of Education.

In a heartfelt testimony, Councilmember Duden emphasized the importance of endorsing a candidate who comprehends the dual challenges faced by Nebraska – both fiscal constraints in our communities and the critical academic and trade requirements of our evolving workforce. Duden sees in Liz Davids a dedicated advocate for students, someone who will prioritize their needs to foster motivation and achieve better educational outcomes.

"Liz has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her family and the education of her children," stated Councilmember Duden. "Nebraska needs someone with that same level of commitment on the State Board of Education. Liz understands the fiscal challenges our communities face and recognizes the dynamic needs of our workforce. She will prioritize students to ensure they not only strive but also produce better outcomes. Liz embodies the character and perseverance necessary for effective representation on the State Board of Education, reflecting the values inherent in solid Nebraskans."

Duden urged the community to rally behind Liz Davids, highlighting that supporting her candidacy is a vote for Nebraska's progress and the success of our children.

Liz Davids, a candidate with a proven track record of dedication to education and community service, expressed gratitude for Councilmember Duden's endorsement. She is committed to bringing positive change to Nebraska's education system, focusing on student needs, and ensuring the state continues to provide quality education for all.

For more information about Liz Davids' campaign and her vision for the Nebraska State Board of Education, please visit

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