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Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte Endorses Liz Davids for State Board of Education

LINCOLN, NE – Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte proudly endorses Liz Davids for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Recognizing Davids' steadfast commitment to advocating for common-sense educational policies and tireless dedication to the well-being of our children, Commissioner Schulte believes she is the ideal candidate to bring a fresh perspective to the state school board.

In testimony, Commissioner Matt Schulte highlighted Liz Davids' role as a watchman for our children and commended her advocacy for common-sense educational policies.

"Liz Davids has been a watchman for our children. She has tirelessly stood up for common-sense educational policies through her advocacy. Her work ethic, passion and advocacy for our children is desperately needed on the state school board. Liz Davids has my support for the state board of education," said Commissioner Schulte.

Schulte expressed confidence in Liz Davids' ability to bring a strong work ethic, passion, and a dedicated focus on advocacy for children to the Nebraska State Board of Education. He believes her unique perspective and commitment to practical educational policies make her the right choice for the position.

In response to the endorsement, Liz Davids expressed gratitude for Commissioner Schulte's support and reaffirmed her commitment to representing the best interests of Nebraska's children on the state school board.

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Commissioner Matt Schulte, a dedicated public servant who recognizes the importance of common-sense educational policies and advocacy for our children. I share his commitment to ensuring that every child receives a quality education that prepares them for a successful future. I am grateful for his support and look forward to the opportunity to serve on the Nebraska State Board of Education," commented Liz Davids.

The endorsement by Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte adds substantial support to Liz Davids' campaign, emphasizing her dedication to advocating for practical and effective educational policies.

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