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Beyond 50%: A Mother's Mission for Improved Proficiency

Submitted to the Lincoln Journal Star on 12/7/2023

Dear Editor,

I recently read Jenna Ebbers's article in the LJS, and I appreciate the opportunity to share more about my conversation with her. In response to her query about what I would bring to the State Board, I reflected on my journey as a parent of a mildly autistic son. This experience opened my eyes to the diverse needs of each child, fostering both a beautiful and challenging journey of creative educational approaches.

As a home educator, my perspective is unbiased by the system's confines, allowing me to objectively evaluate and explore various options. My ability to keep an open mind and engage with diverse perspectives positions me to envision possibilities beyond existing power structures.

My motivation stems from a deep love for my community. Initiating a free weekly afterschool club at the local elementary school three years ago reflects my commitment to fostering a supportive environment. Two years ago, heightened attention to the State Board's actions prompted my active involvement in meetings. This engagement revealed a gap between constituents and their elected representatives, motivating me to listen to community members who feel unheard.

With public school proficiency scores below 50%, my aspiration is to contribute to positive change for my community. I believe in a better future for our schools and am committed to advocating for the voices of those who seek improvement.


Liz Davids, Candidate for State Board of Education District 1 (central and north Lincoln, Malcolm, Raymond, and Davey)

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